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About me

Hi Queens!  My name is Jenn and thank you so much for checking out this blog!  This has truly been a dream of mine for a while and I'm so happy you're here to tag along on this journey!  

I'm a 34 year old fur mama of 3 precious animals.  I also recently celebrated one year of marriage (after 6 wonderful years together) with my soulmate, Mike.  We live in a small town right in the heart of middle Tennessee that is about 30 minutes outside of Nashville.  It really gives a small town charm with the fun of the city within our reach.  

From a young age I had always been attracted to events and throwing parties.  I come from a very large extended family that constantly celebrates life's joys.  From weddings, to pool parties and holidays - we were always celebrating something growing up.  So naturally I've been drawn to the industry for quite some time.  


I just recently launched my own event planning business, Effortless Event Planning, and I'll be taking you through the ups and downs of weddings, events and owning your own business.  I'm still a newbie in this game, but join me as we navigate the industry together!  

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