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Amazon Prime Week - Our Top Purchases from Amazon!

Hello sweet queens! Since prime day was upon us this past week, I wanted to put together a list of things we have purchased off of the 'zon recently for events and for our business. There are certain places I go to for decorations and business supplies that are on the cheaper side ( we'll be covering this in a blog post later this month - our top places to shop for your wedding that will save you some $$$ ), and Amazon is on the top of that list. We'll be covering electronics, design supplies, cardstock selections and more!

Business Supplies

Most people go to Staples or Office Max for their day-to-day business supplies, but I prefer Amazon simply because of the delivery convenience and low prices. I also highly recommend registering for a amazon business account, as you can grab sweet deals that are not offered to regular consumers and you get some pretty cool discounts as well.


  • Cannon G7020 Printer - Highly recommend this printer for beginners interested in signage or making your own save the dates/invitations. The only limit to this affordable printer is that it takes forever to print large quantities. If I have an order of 200+ invitations I normally set aside a good chuck of the day to get it done just because this printer does print extremely slow. That being said, the quality and ink usage are AMAZING. It's a great starter printer if you'd like to dip your toes into designing your own invitations or printing pictures!

  • Asus 27in Monitor - So I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to monitors. I've had this one personally for about 5 years and I absolutely love it. Asus also offers a curved 27in monitor which will be my next purchase when my current one dies.

  • DTTO iPad 10.2in Case - Like most event/wedding planners, I live and breathe off of my iPad. This case is very professional but also super cute at the same time. It has a pocket on the front that I keep business cards, pens and other information in. This case is also very good at protecting your iPad. So if you're like me and drop it every ten minutes, this case is for you!

Shipping Supplies

  • Floral Gift Wrapping Boxes - We're in the middle of switching over to customized shipping supplies but these boxes were so cute and big enough to ship large quantities of product in. They're deep and easy to put together!

  • Round Tissue Confetti Glitter - Whatever you decide to stuff your shipping boxes with, I highly recommend throwing this confetti on top. It's so cute and gives your shipments that extra detail that customers love. This confetti specifically is large enough so that clean up is easy if you accidentally spill it and it doesn't stick to any products within your shipping box!

  • Thank You Cards and Sticker Set - It's so important to make sure you say thank you as much as humanly possible in your shipments. I love these adorable stickers and cards! We normally place the 'Thank You' cards at the top of our packages so it's the first thing our customers see and we use the stickers to seal our boxes. Very cute and adds a sweet personal touch.

Invitations and Save the Date Supplies

  • 5x7 Cardstock 90lbs - I use these a ton for a couple of different things. 5x7 is a popular size for save the dates and invitations, but these little cards are very versatile. We print out business information hand outs on these and also use them for decorative signs for events.

  • DURICO RCP Supreme Satin Photo Paper - Highly recommend these for printing off photos and also for save the date's or invitations that include pictures of the happy couple in them. This specific set is a little lightweight, but you can purchase heavier 5x7's from the same Amazon store.

  • A7 Envelopes - Y'all, I'm not exaggerating when I say I live and breathe by these envelopes. They come in a ton of different colors and are so inexpensive. They're also super easy to print address' on and they work perfectly if you want to use your Cameo or Circuit to address your envelopes.

Misc. Supplies

  • Vinyl Sticker Paper - I've had a couple of requests about what materials we use for our stickers so here you go! These work super well printing wise and my cameo seems to like them as well.

  • Translucent Vellum Paper - This could also be listed under the above invitations section, but you can literally use Vellum paper for anything. We normally use these for thank you bands that we attach to our invitations in our shipping boxes. You can also use these as sleeves or cover pages for invitations as well.

  • Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape - I am such a huge fan of Gorilla's tapes/patches/sealants - you name it, we probably use it. It's such a great replacement for duct tape and is super handy when hanging up decorations!

  • DEVAISE 7 Drawer Chest - I believe the Ikea version of this storage unit went viral on TikTok, but most of us can't afford Ikea prices. This is a cost friendly version that looks and functions the same, and more importantly, its easy to put together!

Event Appropriate Attire

  • Croc's Women's Sandals - Do yourself a favor and buy these immediately. Seriously, I could wear these sandals until I die and be totally happy with it. I wear these to every event and my feet literally never hurt. They're incredibly comfortable, provide support and also give you a bit of a height boost ( my short sisters will appreciate these ). If you buy anything on this list, buy these. You wont regret it!

  • Women's Casual Sleeveless Jumpsuit - I love this jumpsuit because it's professional, comfortable and serves a slay! I had my original one for about 4 years before I ripped it ( read the story here ) in the booty area and had to replace it.

Design and Event Supplies

Amazon is a great place to buy your wedding or event supplies for relatively cheap. It's also one of my go-to's for DIY project supplies, but do keep in mind that while it looks pretty on amazon, it may not look pretty in real life. We've weeded out some of the fakes for you in the below list!

  • 50ft LED Outdoor Lights - These cute little bistro string lights will give your event some pizzaz. This store offers two different styles and a multitude of lengths to choose from! I actually bought these originally to go around our garden and lemme tell you, they are so frickin cute.

  • Chateau Easy Care Cloth Dinner Napkins - I normally always use KAF's cloth napkins for any kind of event. They're pretty inexpensive and they add that extra fancy touch that will impress your guests. KAF offers a variety of different styles, so make sure to check out their store!

  • Occasions Disposable Plate Packs - If you're looking for fancy plastic/disposable plates for your event I highly recommend these. Not only are they super pretty, clean up with them is a dream. A word of caution: I have had issues in the past of these plates getting delivered to the wrong address, however, I firmly believe it was FedEx's fault ( as it always is ).

  • Rustic Wooden Serving Trays - These are super handy to have around and very versatile! I actually bought a separate set to use in my home. Business wise I use these for gifts/cards and to also to display snack-esque foods on.

  • Plastic Disposable Champagne Flutes - These champagne flutes are a must for any event that you are throwing that includes alcohol. We've used these for champagne, wine and mixed cocktails before. They're super cute, affordable and more importantly disposable - which makes clean up a breeze.

  • Wedding Ceiling Drapes - I feel like I've used these for everything but ceiling drapes. Normally we use them to wrap around posts or to drape over a fence, but I do have some industry friends who are big fans of these as well.

  • 16 Piece Steel Table Number Holders - These come in super handy when you're throwing a baby or wedding shower. I've printed game instructions on 5x7's before and used these to display them. You can also use these to hold your table numbers and they do the job well!

  • Clear Arch Acrylic Signs - Speaking of table numbers, if you're looking for a way to DIY yours I highly recommend these. You can paint the back of them and put a cute design on the front that will make your reception tables pop. I've actually stained/painted the wood bases a different color before and they looked amazing!

  • 6ft Fitted Table Cloth - I normally use these for catering tables/buffet lines. Gee Di Moda offers a variety of colors and lengths! I will say it does take some effort to get the wrinkles out of these, but once you do they look incredible.

  • 10ft Cheesecloth Table Runners - Cheesecloth is super popular this wedding season and for a good reason. They can be a crucial element in your table designs and the material is super soft. I highly recommend purchasing these off of amazon - you can get them in bulk and for a decent price.

  • Mini Lantern Flickering LED Candles - I couldn't make it through this blog post without including some type of lantern. These little guys are so cute and are also a nice little touch to add to your event. You can scatter them throughout a venue or include them on your reception tables in lieu of candles and they still offer the same type of aesthetic.

The above links are only a small margin of what we purchase from Amazon regularly, but I do hope you find these links useful! If you end up purchasing any of the above, please send us pictures of your creativity to ! Happy Shopping Queens!

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