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Bachelor/Bachelorette Recovery - How to make the best hangover kits for your squad!

One of my favorite things to include when we're setting up bachelorette parties are hangover kits! They're incredibly customizable and relatively cheap to put together. You can throw these kits in your guests' gift bags or send your pals home with them. During our joint bachelor/bachelorette party my best friend hand made these "Oh Shit" kits, which were not only hilarious but also extremely appreciated the morning after our shenanigans.

I know, my bff is a Queen.

We do offer these packets as a service to our clients as well! Bachelorette parties are very time consuming to put together, so we try to ease the process for our clients as much as possible by adding these cute little pouches. When putting these together we normally ask our clients the following questions:

  1. What is the theme of your bachelorette party?

  2. How many guests will be attending?

  3. What are your guests' favorite snacks?

  4. Do your guests have any skin or food allergies ? Do they also have any dietary limitations?

  5. Is there anything specific you would like for us to include in these kits?

We also make sure to offer a customizable cards to put in each kit, just so our brides/grooms have a chance to write a personalized note to each individual friend. Let's go over the basics of building a hangover kit.

Bags or Containers

This is where our "what is the theme of your party" question comes in handy. You can find these kits literally anywhere - Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Etc. They also come in so many different verities that will fit with whatever theme you're working with. My general rule of thumb is this - you want a container that's big enough to fit your hand in, like so:

This will provide you enough room to stuff these bags with some skincare items, medications and some snacks. Below are some amazon links to themed hangover kit bags I've used before:

Goodies for your Bags

There are 3 categories that I mentioned above that we stick to for hangover cures: Skincare, Medications and Snacks. Normally we try to purchase travel sized bottles of skincare items/medications, simply because you can buy multiples of them for super cheap and they'll also fit snugly in your bags. Below are some amazon links for you:

That's pretty much it queens! If you stick to these three categories you can make or customize your very own hangover kits. Make sure to check out our socials for a time lapse video we've posted for our most recent hangover kits. As always - if you make these kits yourselves or are interested in having EEP put these together for you, visit our website or shoot me an email at May your hangovers be swift and painless queens!

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