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Happy Birthday to our Co-Founder, Mike!

I'm going to try to keep this as not sappy as possible, but we wanted to dedicate todays blog post to our co-founder and my husband, Mike!

There is absolutely no way to describe Mike in one word. Those who are lucky enough to know him are well aware of how amazing and incredible he is. As someone who is fortunate enough to be married to him, I have a front row seat to his generosity, hard work and strong will. It's a little known fact, but Mike is actually the reason why EEP and this blog exists. A while ago, I was struggling with the massive decision to leave my job ( see our very first blog post to recap this story ) and pursue a different career/life path. I had always felt a pull towards event planning, and when I threw the idea of starting a small business to Mike he was PUMPED about it. We literally stayed up until 3am one night ( which listen queens, I'm 34 going on 80 - my bed time is normally 8:00 pm so staying up this late for us is rare ) talking about business plans and brainstorming names and logos. It was this late night in the wee hours of the morning when Mike came up with the name of our business - Effortless Event Planning. He helped create our logo and made sure we established our business the proper way: business license, EIN, accounting software - you name it, Mike figured out how to get it done.

Mike is very much a behind the scenes guy. He does the 50% of the work and wants no credit for it. Our partnership very much functions in one way: I create the crazy ideas and he executes said idea's so they're actually functional. Many of our friends would say we're complete opposites. I'm a very emotional person where as Mike is more reserved and this carries over into our business partnership as well. He's so essential for our installations it's unreal ( listen, I'm super short so anytime we have a photobooth or wall installation Mike is our dude ) - any and all events we have done Mike has put in about 3-4 hours of work into them. On top of this, he still works his full time job! The man is unreal Queens. I am extremely lucky, honored and blessed to call him my husband and business partner. He has been nothing but supportive in the ups and downs of owning a small business - he's been here through all of my tears and every major accomplishment. I absolutely love him with the entirety of my heart. So, happiest of birthdays to my squatch potato - I love you more than words can express and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. Cheers babe!

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