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Our top picks for Flower Girl Alternatives!

In a traditional wedding, flower girls are a main part of your ceremony's procession. However, most of us don't have nieces or younger siblings to fulfill the roll. Good news though queens, there are about a million options you can choose from to replace your flower girl. Below we discuss our top picks for flower girl alternatives!

Pre-Prep your Aisle Decorations

If you absolutely have to have flower petals running down your aisle ( which good for you sweet queen, they look absolutely STUNNING ) have your wedding planner or a family member pre-set them before your guests arrive and the ceremony begins. If you plan on using fake flower petals, prepare to have a clean up plan as well. Most outdoor venues will not allow aisle decorations that are not bio-degradable, and fake flower petals definitely fit under that category, so be prepared. Make sure to check in with your venue and planner about your game plan and enjoy your flower petal runway!

Flower Pup

Our furry friends are so much fun to have at weddings! They're also super willing to perform any task asked of them ( for the small price of a treat ), so giving them the honor of being your flower pup just makes the most sense. You can get them a cute little flower collar ( highly recommend looking on amazon for cheap collars, this one is only $15! ) and leash to match your theme as well. My only advice would be to make sure you prep for your pup. I also highly recommend hiring a pet handler or having a designated family member watch your furry baby the day of your wedding. You also want to make sure they're trained and comfortable with their job title as they tend to take it pretty seriously. Your guests will absolutely gush over your perfect pooch all dressed up!

Junior Bridesmaid

Junior Bridesmaids are also a fabulous alternative to younger flower girls. Most junior bridesmaids are around 13-18 ( mine was around 18/19 at the time ) and are more reliable than say your baby sister or niece. You can also make a cute little flower girl proposal box for your junior bridesmaid that makes her stand out from the rest of your bridesmaids. Trust me, they'll get a kick out of it and they'll also feel special that you included them in every aspect of your big day!

Flower Grannies/Flower Aunties

I am literally obsessed with this new trend. If you don't have a flower girl but you do have a huge extended family, why not honor them by having them be a part of your ceremony? Normally you would have them process before ( or after, whichever your prefer ) your bridesmaids and then have reserved seating for them in the front row. Do you have disabled grandparents? Decorate their wheel chair or scooter and then send them down the aisle. I was reading a article the other day where one couple tacked a sign on their grandmothers scooter that read "they fired the flower girl and got me instead", which is honestly hilarious. Seriously, your elderly relatives will love being involved in your special day and will remember it forever.

Flower Groomsmen

Another recent trend that I'm obsessed with is assigning one ( or all - I'm a big fan of all ) of your groomsmen to be the flower dude. You'll need to deck them out in cool sunglasses and a fanny pack to complete the persona. This unexpected option will surprise your guests and they'll also think its hilarious. Pick your most outgoing buddy and have them work the aisle like its a runway!

The Beer Hype Man

The Beer Hype Man is 100%, hands down, my favorite alternative to flower girls. Not only are they hilarious, they break up the monotony of super serious weddings. It'll give your guests a laugh and also a nice cold refreshment. Make sure you pre-select a couple of volunteers on your guest list to receive said tasty bevs from your beer dude. You don't want to give them the ability to chuck beers at your grandma, so carefully select and pre-plan who they are going to give beverages to before you send them down the aisle. They also don't necessarily have to be handing out beer. If you're having a dry wedding load them up with bottles of water, sprite and coke cans! You can also ditch the drinks in general and have them hand out rally towels ( you can get these personalized on etsy or anywhere really ), t-shirts, or snacks! I always say the #1 killer of weddings is hunger, so have your hype man throw some cheez-its to the crowd! Here's a hilarious tik tok that shows an example of what your beer hype man can do: Click here!

Don't have one!

Queens, it's YOUR wedding. If you don't want to have a flower girl there is no universal requirement to have one. You don't even have to have bridesmaids! There is no law that states you have to follow traditional wedding standards, and its YOUR big day - so make it how you want it!

We hope you enjoyed these adorable and hilarious alternatives. If you do end up using any of the options below please send us videos/pictures at! Happy Wedding Planning Queens!

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